For Transgender Identified Students in the Helping and Caring Professions

Next deadline for applications is January 10, 2009

Due to recent financial conditions in the markets, the awards presented in 2009 may be reduced from previous years, or even delayed. The donors of the TSELF Awards deeply regret having to take this action.

The Transgender Scholarship and Education Legacy Fund for Transgender Identified Students in the Helping and Caring Professions Including:
Social Services, Health Care, Religious Instruction, Teaching and the Law


The International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE), awards numerous scholarships to transgender identified students in the helping and caring professions through it's collaborative Transgender Scholarship and Education Legacy Fund (TSELF) in the United States and Canada. Each scholarship provides supplemental funding for post-secondary students who have a demonstrated ability in and commitment to affecting change in the transgender communities through their commitment to working and being educated in the helping and caring professions. These include, but are not limited to, Social Services, Health Care, Religious Instruction (all denominations), Teaching and the Law. We seek to reflect a broad range of interests, including social services, HIV/AIDS education, law, teaching and education, religious instruction (all denominations), medical and health care as well as the sciences.

Today we see a whole generation of out and proud transpeople who have the power to create dramatic change in the world. We want to honor that power with the support that education focused scholarships can provide. It's important to acknowledge the achievements of our communities. Some of the most powerful forces for the transgender communities are transgender-identified individuals being nurtured and supported by this community. By providing grants to transgender students, TSELF recognizes these students' past achievements and provides much needed support for their future pursuits. Through these awards, we forge links between professionals and emerging leaders. In doing so, TSELF helps to facilitate the growth and advancement of not only these individuals -- but of our communities as well. TSELF is committed to the concept that transpeople should be encouraged to help other transpeople. In the simplest terms, Transpeople helping ourSELVES - TSELF !

For several years IFGE has made scholarship awards from the Transgender Scholarship and Education Legacy Fund. We especially encourage students working to combat transphobia and increase positive awareness of transgender people and families to apply. We also strongly encourage individuals with demonstrated financial need to apply. Special consideration will be given to students who plan to serve, help and care for the transgender communities.


A special component of TSELF is the aspect of visibility. All awardees must be "Out and Proud," both as members of the trans-communities, as well as to their non-trans peers within the educational systems and professions that they are seeking scholarship assistance for. The Transgender Scholarship and Education Legacy Fund is seeking trans-individuals, living full-time in a gender or sex role that differs from the one assigned to them at birth, who wish to serve as role models for other transgender identified people. As out trans-people in the helping and caring professions, these special individuals will be perceptibly challenging many of the societal prejudices that trans-folk encounter within educational and professional institutions.


Academic scholarships are the primary component of TSELF's program. Each year, after a competitive application process, TSELF awards scholarships to outstanding transgender undergraduate and graduate full-time students. To qualify, applicants must: be full or part-time students at an accredited college, university or institution in the United States; be "out" as transgender to their academic communities, demonstrate a commitment or contribution to the transgender communities; and follow the application guidelines below. Consideration will include academic performance; honors; personal/financial hardship; and, especially, service to the transgender communities.


Awards will processed and announced yearly. Applications for the Awards must be postmarked by January 10th. Scholarship awards will be made at the next IFGE convention. Supporting materials should arrive within one week of the January 10th deadline. Applicants will be notified of their award status following the I.F.G.E. convention. TSELF may consider late applicants under special circumstances.


The Transgender Scholarship and Education Legacy Fund (TSELF) is dedicated to enhancing the visibility, strength and vitality of the transgender communities. TSELF invests in our future by awarding scholarships to students with leadership potential, and the desire help build to our community's health, education and culture. TSELF is building an endowment to ensure permanent financial support for transgender students. TSELF promotes philanthropy among transgender identified people and demonstrates the growing power of transgender giving

The International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE), founded in 1987, is a leading advocate and educational organization for promoting the self-definition and free expression of individual gender identity. IFGE is not a support group, it is an information provider and clearinghouse for referrals about all things which are transgressive of established social gender norms. IFGE maintains the most complete bookstore on the subject of transgenderism available anywhere. It also publishes the leading magazine providing reasoned discussion of issues of gender expression and identity, including crossdressing, transsexualism, FTM and MTF issues spanning health, family, medical, legal, workplace issues and more.

IFGE values:

  • individual uniqueness and dignity;
  • personal wholeness;
  • respect for human diversity;
  • freedom from society's arbitrarily assigned gender definitions;
  • respect, acceptance, enforcement, and protection of gender-related Human and Civil Rights for all.

IFGE is located at 13 Felton Street in Waltham, Massachusetts, and serves as a focal point for the worldwide transgender community, and for all those seeking greater freedom of gender expression. A bookstore and reading room are open to the public. Closest airport is Boston Logan Airport, BOS. You can Rent a Car in Boston airport.
The International Foundation for Gender Education can be contacted at:

IFGE, P.O. Box 540229, Waltham, Ma 02454-0229
Tel: (781) 899-2212, Fax: (781) 899-5703

Notes about the use of the word transgender in this document: Transgender is generally considered an umbrella term encompassing many different identities. It is commonly used to describe a person who transgresses gender norms or is seen as gender different. A transgender person may, or may not, live full time in a sex different from the sex that they were assigned at birth - sometimes referred to as the "opposite sex". Being seen as transgender may, or may not, have anything to do with whether that person has had any sort of "sex reassignment surgery." Individuals who are seen as gender transgressive or gender different may, or may not, personally identify themselves as transgender. By using the word "transgender," TSELF" is looking for a common language, community and purpose and is not seeking to label or identify someone as transgender against their will.

International Foundation for Gender Education
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